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Hospitality and tradition
in the heart of the Renon

A privileged retreat

Mitterstiller Dolomites Relais is one of the most extraordinary accommodation facilities in the Bolzano area. Cozy and refined, it stays in the soul for the familiar and casually luxurious atmosphere that permeates its indoor and outdoor spaces. A place that evokes emotions, also ideal for longer stays.

Our Rooms

A comfortable and spacious nest that reflects the loving personal touch of the owner: each room at Mitterstiller Dolomites Relais is tastefully furnished with sophistication. Fabrics are produced by small Italian manufacturers and crafted by local artisans; natural wood on the floors and ceilings with exposed beams, sought-after furnishings, and lamps harmonize rural antiques with touches of advanced modernity.

The Stube

In the chamber where life has perennially pulsed with industrious activity, the fragrances of larch and Swiss pine elegantly meld with the unmistakable warmth of the Stube. Adjacent to the stove, a bench extends a gracious invitation to repose while anticipating the appointed time to sit at the table and savor exquisite breakfasts and dinners.


The hostess is also a very skilled cook who loves to introduce guests, upon request, to the flavors and aromas of the Renon plateau, assembling them into tasty dishes for the palate and captivating for the eyes.

The warm relaxation of the spa

Nestled in the heart of Mitterstiller Dolomites Relais, our small yet comfortable spa is a warm and welcoming retreat to relax and enjoy unique moments, all to oneself.

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